County staff attend information technology training for election officials

Voting and Elections

Cochise County representatives were among the participants at an information technology training event for election officials last month.

The focus of the workshop in Phoenix was technology and the security of election systems in the United States. Topics covered included risk management, crisis response, procurement and vendors, testing and audits, and plans to protect cyber.

The U.S. Election Assistance Commission training on February 26 was attended by the County’s Elections Director, Lisa Marra, and County Recorder David Stevens, as well as their staff and members of the IT Department.

The free training was sponsored by the Clean Elections Commission, the Arizona County Recorders’ Association, and the Election Officials of Arizona Association.

“As elections in this country have evolved over the decades, we are always focused on the future and protecting our residents’ right to cast their vote in a safe and effective manner,” Marra said. “Technology is increasingly being used in all aspects of our lives, and we need to stay focused on creating the best, most secure use of our systems.”

In 2015 the Board of Supervisors approved the purchase of new equipment and technology, at a cost of nearly $1 million, from Election Systems and Services. The Nebraska-based company is the world’s largest and most experienced provider of voting machines and total election management solutions.

“We are confident that the equipment and technology in place in our County is providing the best and most secure services for our residents,” Marra added.

For more information on elections and technology visit the U.S. Election Assistance Commission at