IMPORTANT - please check your summons for the DIVISION and DATE you were called to appear.  Cancelled Jurors will receive another summons letter in the mail whenever their presence is again required.  Website is subject to changes, check on a daily basis.


Jury Questionnaire 

For more information on Jury Service, view the ARIZONA SUPREME COURT'S JUROR ORIENTATION VIDEO

Term of Jury Service:
If you are qualified to serve as trial juror, you will be summonsed with not less than ten (10) days notice of the date, time, and place to report. DO NOT REPORT UNTIL SUMMONSED. You are on call for a six-month period OR until you served on a trial during this period. An average trial lasts from two to five days.  Superior Court jurors are selected from a compiled list of names from Cochise County voter registration and Motor Vehicle Division.

Reporting Instructions:
Call (520) 432-8577, or toll free 888-212-7072 (Northern Cochise County), after 5:30 p.m. the evening before your report date, up to 8:30 a.m. the next morning.  A recording will indicate final instructions as to whether you should appear, or if your presence is not required due to a postponement or cancellation. For Road Condition Alert call 1-888-411-7623, say roads and Highway 80 for road condition report.

Upon your arrival to the Courthouse, please report to the Clerk of the Court's Office to sign in. Court Security has directed that the courthouse use can only be entered by using the main entrance located in the front of the building. The Bisbee courthouse use is located on a steep hill, with limited parking.


If you report after jury service has been cancelled, you will not be paid.  It is your responsibility to call the evening before your reporting day. Failure to report to Court as instructed may result in your being brought before the Judge on Contempt of Court charges.

Excused Days:
If for an important reason you will be unavailable for a certain block of time during your term of service, please indicate the days by sending us a letter to the address below or by email. Trips/appointments that can be rescheduled are not valid excuse uses for missing jury duty. However, if arrangements have already been made you may request a postponement by email or mail. Only two postponements can be granted during your term of service. Please include your name, the date, the Division and your badge number in your email or letter.

Clerk of the Court                       Email Address:
P.O. Box DE
Bisbee, AZ 85603

You will be paid $.445/mile for your round-trip travel.  You will need to report the one way mileage from your home to the Courthouse when you check in.  If you are selected as a juror you will be paid $12.00 per day plus round-trip mileage.


Jurors have at least one hour for lunch, which is not provided. There are eating establishments within easy walking distance.  You may also bring a lunch. Breaks are announced throughout the day.

Courthouse Locations:

  • 100 Quality Hill, Bisbee, AZ.
  • Superior Court 100 Colonia de Salud, Sierra Vista, AZ.

Juror parking is limited.  Juror parking signs will be posted in areas around the courthouse.

Courtroom Attire:
Proper dress is required for jurors.  NO shorts, tank or halter-tops are allowed.  You will not be paid if inappropriately dressed.

Courthouse Regulations:
Weapons, pocket knives, mace, etc. are not allowed in the Courthouse.  Beepers are allowed but must be turned to the vibrate position.  Cellular phones may not be used in the Courthouse.

Under Federal Law, no employer may discharge, threaten to discharge, intimidate, or coerce any permanent employee because of the employee's jury service.   An employer who violates this law is subject to a penalty of $1,000, and payment of damages and attorney fees.  If you are selected for jury duty, give a copy of this information to your employer.