Pursuant to ARS § 11-445, Fees: 

This list is not all inclusive, please contact us for other fees
Civil Process:  $16.00 per defendant (at same address)
+ mileage (one way)*
Forcible Detainer:  $24.00 for 1st defendant,
$16.00 for each additional defendant (at same address)
+ mileage (one way)*
Please  submit these documents to the Constable’s office on the same day issued
Writ of Restitution:  $48.00 + mileage (one way)*
Writ of Garnishment:  $40.00 + mileage (one way)*
Orders of Protection & Injunctions Against Harassment (derived from dating relationships) – No Fee
Injunctions Against Harassment: civil process fees apply
Mileage: 6 or less miles = $16.00
$2.40 for each additional mile (or portion of) exceeding 6 miles
*Mileage is calculated from the Constable's Office to the place of service.
Additional mileage fees may apply for additional service attempts
Processing Fee (includes notary services, if required): $8.00