What is the GRACe Program?

The GRACe program is an alternative  to traditional prosecution for defendants who are afflicted by a  Mental Health Issue.  Defendants who participate in the GRACe Program will be connected to appropriate services. Once the defendant has successfully completed the their treatment plan (as determined by a medical or mental health professional) their case(s) will be dismissed.


Q. Who is eligible for The GRACe program ?

A. The assigned prosecutor will determine if a case is appropriate to refer  to the GRACe Program.  The  GRACe Mental Health Coordinator will review all cases for appropriateness, and the County Attorney or Chief Criminal Deputy has final discretion to accept or deny a defendant into the program.

Q. What is the target population of the GRACe program?

GRACe is a program intended primarily for heavy users of the criminal justice system whose mental health problems potentially affect their ability to meaningfully assist in their own defense and otherwise complicate their daily lives.

Q. How much does the Mental Health Diversion program cost?

There are no fees associated with the GRACe program.


If you have any questions or need further information contact Krist-Anah Watkins at 520-432-8700.


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