Fees - Black & White Photocopies, Scanning, PPDF doc, conversion $0.30 each, Color photocopies $0.35 each, Disk $6.00 each/$10.00 each - County's budget, plus postage (first-class mail)


  • If the request is for non-commercial purposes, only the first portion of the form should be completed.
  • Any person may request to examine or be furnished copies, printouts or photographs of public records during regular office hours (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday).
  • To request inspection and/or copies, printouts or photographs of public records, please complete the top portion of this form. Please be specific so that the records can be easily identified.
  • The County will charge $0.30 cents per page for black & white copies, which is approximately equal to the cost of reproducing the requested material. Such amount should be paid prior to the receipt of materials.


  • If the request if for commercial purposes, please fill out the entire form.
  • A "commercial purpose" is the use of all or part of a public record for the purpose of:
    • sale, or resale;
    • producing a document for sale;
    • obtaining names and addresses from the record for the purpose of solicitation
    • selling names and addresses from the record to another for the purposes of solicitation or other monetary gain; or
    • any other purpose in which the purchaser can reasonably anticipate the receipt of monetary gain from the direct or indirect use of such public record.

Commercial purpose does not mean the use of public record as evidence or as research for evidence in an action before a judicial or quasi-judicial body.

  • Charges for a commercial request shall include:
    • A portion of the cost to the County of obtaining the original or copies of the documents, printouts or photographs to be reproduced.
    • A reasonable fee for the cost of time, equipment, and personnel in making the copies, and
    • The value of the reproduction on the commercial market.
  • Please note that one who obtains records for a commercial purpose without indicating the commercial purpose, or obtains the records for a noncommercial purpose, and then uses or allows the use of the records for a commercial purpose, will be liable for damages in the amount of three times what the County could have charged had it known, plus costs and attorney fees. A.R.S. § 39-121.03(C). Furthermore, if a false statement is given, the requester may also be guilty of a felony. A.R.S.§39-161.




    I hereby request the custodian of records for Cochise County to provide for inspection and/or a copy or other reproduction, the following public record(s). I understand the fees outlined above.

    Pursuant to A.R.S. Section 39-121.03, the applicant certifies that said documents:

    Complete this area ONLY if you are requesting records for a commercial purpose.

    I hereby depose and state as follows: I have read and understand the instructions for commercial request for public records and certify that the following statement setting forth the commercial purpose for which the above requested public records will be used is true, correct and complete. I understand the fees as outlined above.

    Producing a document, information or other material containing all or a part of the information in the public record: (Describe document or material and price):