In 1987, the Cochise County Attorney’s Office began its Victim Witness Program. The mission of the Victim Witness Program is to preserve and protect victims’ rights to justice and due process by providing information, assistance, compensation, support, and advocacy through a comprehensive range of services to victims and witnesses of delinquent acts in Cochise County; to treat victims with dignity and respect; and to continually evaluate the services delivered by our program’s professional staff and volunteer victim advocates for quality improvement. Funds for the program come almost entirely from grants, resulting in the services to victims and witnesses costing the Cochise County taxpayers virtually nothing.

The program staff and volunteers focus on these three major areas to assist victims.

Victim Assistance includes the provision of the following types of services to victims: locating resources needed by victims. providing information to victims about the criminal justice system, accompaniment of victims to court proceedings, and various other services designed to assure that victims and witnesses of crime are treated with dignity and respect.

Victim Notification involves providing notice to victims of delinquent acts (via telephone, email, or letter), of upcoming court hearing dates, as required by Arizona law. In addition, victim notification services include providing victims with written material that identifies and explains the Victims’ Bill of Rights, the court hearings and proceedings, and the process for receiving restitution for economic losses directly related to the delinquent act.

Victim Compensation involves the payment of money to victims of personal or violent acts for their out-of-pocket costs incurred because of the crime. Compensable losses include medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of wages, and mental health counseling. The Crime Victim Compensation Board reviews all claims, makes award decisions, and disburses funds to assist eligible victims of delinquent acts. Referrals to the Cochise County Attorney’s Victim Witness Program may originate from victims, law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, judges, and/or social service agencies. Victims, witnesses, and other community members are encouraged to call for information about the program and the various services provided.

All services provided by the Victim Witness Program are free of charge.


Orders of Protection:
Bisbee ..... (520) 432-9540
Douglas ..... (520) 805-5640
Bowie .....  (520) 847-2303
Sierra Vista ..... (520) 803-3800
Benson .....  (520) 586-8100
Willcox .....  (520) 384-7000
Cochise County..... (520) 432-8500

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