In 1987, the Cochise County Attorney’s Office began its Victim Witness Program. The mission of the Victim Witness Program is to preserve and protect victims’ rights to justice and due process by providing information, assistance, compensation, support, and advocacy through a comprehensive range of services to victims and witnesses of delinquent acts in Cochise County; to treat victims with dignity and respect; and to continually evaluate the services delivered by our program’s professional staff and volunteer victim advocates for quality improvement. Funds for the program come almost entirely from grants, resulting in the services to victims and witnesses costing the Cochise County taxpayers virtually nothing.

Victim Services Evaluation Survey


Victim Advocacy Victim Rights / Juvenile Victim Rights
Victim Notification Victim Compensation
Right to Leave Work Victim Restitution


All services provided by the Victim Witness Program are free of charge.


Orders of Protection:

Bisbee ..... (520) 432-9540
Douglas ..... (520) 805-5640
Bowie .....  (520) 847-2303
Sierra Vista ..... (520) 803-3800
Benson .....  (520) 586-8100
Willcox .....  (520) 384-7000
Cochise County..... (520) 432-8500

Arizona Attorney General Victim Witness




You have been identified as a victim of a crime.  Once the suspect has been arrested, you have a right to be heard before the court makes a decision on the offender’s release. 

For arrests on weekends or holidays (only) please call the Sierra Vista Jail at 520-803-3857 to confirm the time of the hearing.

You may appear from home by using a free Skype app downloaded to your computer or other personal device. 

Go to for more information. Click here for Skype instructions.

Application for Crime Victim Compensation (Fillable PDF) 
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Victims Compensation Application Upload

Volunteer Agreement 
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