Guardianship of an Adult


Step 1:

Probate Information Cover Sheet   English   Spanish

Petition for Permanent Appointment of Guardian of an Adult   English   Spanish

Affidavit of Person to be Appointed Guardian and/or Conservator   English   Spanish

Petitioner Information Sheet to Court Investigator   English   Spanish

Order Appointing Attorney   English   Spanish

Guidelines for Health Professional's Report   English   Spanish

Notice of Hearing   English   Spanish

(Optional) Waiver of Notice and (Optional) Waiver of Service Members Civil Relief Act -   English   Spanish


Step 2:

Acceptance of Service (with optional Waiver of Notice and Waiver of Service-members Civil Relief Act)   English   Spanish

Declaration Supporting Publication   English   Spanish

Proof of Notice of Hearing   English   Spanish


Step 3:

Declaration of Completion of Training   English   Spanish

Order to Guardian(s) of an Adult and Acknowledgement   English   Spanish

Order of Appointment of a Permanent Guardian of an Adult   English   Spanish

Letters of Appointment and Acceptance of Appointment   English   Spanish


Step 4:

Annual Report of Guardian   English   Spanish

Fee Statement and Proof of Mailing   English   Spanish

Proof of Restricted Account (Only if ordered by the Court)   English   Spanish

Inventory and Appraisement of Property and Proof of Mailing or Delivery (Only if ordered by the Court)   English   Spanish