Informal Probate

  • You are related to a person who died or you have a legal interest in the person's property, AND
  • The person had a will or did not have a will, AND
  • The person died more than 120 hours ago, but less than 2 years ago,* AND
  • You want to file court papers to be appointed the Personal Representative of the estate.

* There are certain limited exceptions to the two-year limitation for informal probate listed in Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) Title 14 § 3108. An attorney may be of assistance in determining whether your situation qualifies for one of the exceptions or with handling the more complex "formal" probate process for which forms and instructions are not available from the court.

Informal Probate Packet     English   Spanish 

Individual Forms:

Step 1: Application for Appointment as Personal Representative - The Petition and Notice

  1. Probate Cover Sheet     English   Spanish
  2. Informal Checklist     English   Spanish
  3. Declaration of Completion of Training     English   Spanish
  4. Waiver of Right to Appointment and Consent     English   Spanish
  5. Waiver of Bond     English   Spanish
  6. Application for Appointment     English   Spanish
  7. Notice of Application     English   Spanish
  8. Proof of Mailing of Notice of Application     English   Spanish
  9. Affidavit Supporting Publication     English   Spanish
  10. Statement of Informal Appointment     English   Spanish
  11. Letters of Appointment of Personal Representative and Acceptance of Appointment as Personal Representative     English   Spanish
  12. Order to Personal Representative and Acknowledgement and Information to Heirs     English   Spanish

Training Instructions English   Spanish

Step 2: Application for Appointment as Personal Representative - The Appointment, Notice of Appointment, Inventory and Appraisement

  1. Notice of Appointment     English   Spanish
  2. Proof of mailing or delivery of Notice of Appointment and/or Admission of Will to Probate and Order to Personal Representative     English   Spanish
  3. Notice to Creditors     English   Spanish
  4. Letter to Publisher About Creditors     English   Spanish
  5. Proof of Notice to Creditors     English   Spanish
  6. Inventory and Appraisement     English   Spanish

Step 3: Choose One of the Following:

Administering and Accounting of the Estate Before Closing

  1. Instrument or Deed of Distribution     English   Spanish
  2. Petition for Approval of Accounting     English   Spanish
  3. Form for Submission of Accounting     English   Spanish
  4. Fee Statement and Proof of Mailing     English   Spanish
  5. Court Order Regarding Petition for Approval of Accounting     English   Spanish
  6. Notice of Non-Appearance Hearing Regarding Final Accounting     English   Spanish
  7. Response to Court Accountant Report     English   Spanish
  8. Waiver of Notice of Hearing on Petition for Final Accounting     English   Spanish
  9. Proof of Notice of Hearing     English   Spanish

Claim Against the Estate  (Court forms about objecting to estate administration, or filing a claim against the estate, whether there was a will or not.) (This is not for the person who is the Personal Representative.)

  1. Objection to the Estate Administration     English   Spanish
  2. Claim Against the Estate     English   Spanish

Step 4: Closing the Estate as Personal Representative

  1. Closing Statement and Proof of Mailing Closing Statement     English   Spanish