• You want to file for legal separation; AND

WARNING: If the other party does not want a Legal Separation, the Court may change the Petition for Legal Separation into a Petition for Divorce if you and/or your spouse have lived in Arizona for the last 90 days prior to filing the Petition for Legal Separation.

  • You do not have a "covenant-marriage", or since you were married you have not agreed to change your marriage to a "covenant-marriage" (These papers will not work for a covenant marriage. * AND
  • You or your spouse either live in Arizona or are a member of the armed services and stationed in Arizona; AND
  • Either you or both you and your spouse desire to live separate and apart or your marriage is irretrievably broken (over); AND
  • You and your spouse have minor children with each other OR the wife is pregnant by the husband; AND
  • The minor children have resided (lived) in Arizona at least 6 months before you will file the Petition for Legal Separation or you talked to a lawyer who advised you that even so you could pursue the case in Arizona.


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Step 4 Select only one Decree or Consent Decree: