Justice and Courts

Pursuant to Arizona Code of Judicial Administration and Administrative Order 2012-009, prior to annual reappointment of Pro Tempore judges, the Presiding Judge must seek input from judicial officers, attorneys and the public regarding the performance of each Pro Tempore Judge. The Pro Tempore judges below are seeking reappointment:

  • Hon. Terry Bannon
  • Candyce Pardee
  • Pamela Housh
  • Gerald TIll
  • CJ Garan

All those wishing to offer comments may do so by submitting the attached form(s) to the attention of Niltza Flores, Associate Court Administrator, P.O. Box 204 Bisbee, Az. 85603. This form may also be emailed to

Please submit no later than February 12, 2021.

Judge Pro Tem Evaluation - Justice Court

Judge Pro Tem Evaluation - Superior Court