A Board of Adjustment has been established in each of the three supervisorial districts. Each Board of Adjustment consists of three members appointed by the Supervisor elected in the district they represent. The Board members serve 4-year terms and must reside in the district they represent. The Boards of Adjustment serve as a safety valve by providing relief from the strict enforcement of the site development standards in the Zoning Regulations when an unusual shape or topography makes meeting the standards a hardship. For example, the Zoning Regulations might require a 40-foot setback from the property line but an irrigation ditch or rock outcropping makes it impossible to meet this requirement. In this case, the owner can submit an application for a variance to be heard by the Board of Adjustment. Upon listening to factors favoring and opposing the application, the Board members vote to approve or disapprove the variance. The Boards of Adjustment also hear appeals to Zoning Regulation interpretations that are made by the Planning Director.

District 1

Grady Butler

Kristin Gregan


District 2

Estelle "Fern" Lawson

Anastacio (Andy) Salaiz

Albert Young

District 3

Shawn Wales

Helen Barnard

Paul Brick