Zoning Violations

A zoning violation exists when a property's use has not been approved by County Planning through the Building/Use Permit process, when the conditions of a Building/Use Permit are being violated, or when a property is being used in violation of the Cochise County Zoning Regulations. Below is a list of some typical zoning violations in Cochise County.

  • Construction/Structure without a permit
  • Structure too close to property line
  • Blowing construction debris
  • Business operating without a permit
  • Light Pollution Code violation
  • Noise, odor, vibration, or dust violation
  • Sign violation
  • Fencing violation
  • Outdoor storage violation
  • Ongoing yard sale
  • Operating without a final inspection
  • Too many dwellings on property
  • Heavy equipment/trucks in a residential area
  • Excessive number of cars on property
  • Auto Repair
  • Junkyard being operated on property
  • Animal/livestock violation
  • Living in Recreational Vehicle or tents
  • Property being used as a landing strip
  • Illegal dumping – garbage, tires, miscellaneous debris
  • Illegal parcel splitting activity
  • Land clearing without a permit (more than one acre)
  • Expired permit violation
  • Permit conditions not being complied with
  • Outdoor storage of appliances (such as refrigerators with doors)
  • Filth/debris on property
  • Abandoned/dilapidated structure
  • Other potential violations


To file complaints, questions or comments regarding road, easement or road sign issues, go to the Road Service Request.