The Zoning Regulations include various zoning districts where commercial and industrial uses are allowed provided a non-residential (commercial) permit is obtained.

Commercial Industrial Zoning Districts

Certain other uses, such as churches and residential care homes, are permitted in residential neighborhoods, and must also obtain a non-residential permit.

A permit is required for new construction, additions, remodels and signs. A permit is also required for a change of use, such as when a different type of business is put into an existing building. For example, if a furniture store is changed to a business office, a permit is needed.

The fee for a non-residential permit ranges from $60 to $705. Right-of-way, floodplain, and building code permit fees, if needed, are additional.

In building code inspection areas, currently located County wide, fees are required to pay for building code plan review and safety inspections to ensure that the foundation, framing, plumbing, mechanical and electrical systems are constructed according to the Building Code.

Maps showing the zoning, floodplains and other land use information, and permit applications are available at the Planning Department Offices in Bisbee and Sierra Vista, and County Service Centers in Benson and Willcox. Call the Planning Department for Service Center locations and office hours. For most efficient permit processing, call (520) 432-9240 to make an appointment to meet with the Commercial Permit Coordinator to review or submit your non-residential permit application.

Variance - a modification of site development standards in the Zoning Regulations, which requires a public hearing before the Board of Adjustment.

Permit Application Forms