Cochise County will welcome a new tenant to the Bisbee-Douglas International Airport, following the approval of a 20-year lease agreement.

Master Aircraft Services, Inc. will relocate its business from Wickenburg, bringing up to 10 jobs to the county. The move is in line with the Board of Supervisors’ Strategic Plan, which highlights economic development as a top priority for Cochise County.

The leased hangar will be used to provide painting services for operational aircraft, as well as minor repairs. Master Aircraft Services has agreed to fund significant improvements to the World War Two-era hangar, in return for a reduced rent to offset those costs. Beginning August 9, the company will pay annual rent of $19,000 and has the option of leasing a second hangar under the same terms.

“We are delighted to welcome Master Aircraft Services to BDI Airport,” said Cochise County Development Services Director Dan Coxworth, who worked with the company to secure the tenancy. “The Board of Supervisors has made both economic development and the County-owned airports a priority, and this move will help bring significant improvements as we continue efforts to develop both properties.”

The County owns both BDI and Cochise County (Willcox) Airports. BDI has 425 acres of developable land and is located just 11 miles from the Douglas Port of Entry, Arizona’s second largest commercial port, which has been earmarked by the federal government for future expansion and development.

For further information about economic development in Cochise County, including opportunities at BDI Airport, visit or contact Dan Coxworth at