Development Services

Proposed Fee Update

The Board of Supervisors is considering an increase to development fees along with new exemptions that will allow more projects to be built without a building permit.  Fees for development projects help to defray the County’s costs to review these projects. 

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We are Changing our Name!

The Cochise County Planning and Zoning Department will now be known as the:

Development Services Department

This change reflects our renewed commitment to providing excellent service throughout the development process.  From Comprehensive Plan amendments, through rezonings all the way to issuing building permits, we are dedicated to treating all of our clients to fast and effective service. 

Cochise County has been approached by residents of the Mid-Sulphur Springs Valley Area Plan who have expressed interest in updating the Plan. This document is a Community Document written by the residents.

As many of you are aware a survey was conducted to gather information from area property owners about the Plan. Thank you to everyone that participated! A summary of the results can be found HERE

For more information on the plan, please click below

Mid-Sulphur Springs Valley Community Plan

The Cochise County Development Services Department is the regulatory authority for all land use and development related activities which occur on private property within the unincorporated areas of the County. People interested in developing a piece of property in the County with a residential or non-residential use should call the Department about obtaining a permit. Anyone wishing to obtain general information on the various rules and regulations governing development are encouraged to call. This Department also issues new addresses in the County. Planners are available to work with unincorporated communities and areas to assist in developing plans addressing future growth and land uses.

The Development Services Department is divided into three divisions: PlanningZoning and Building Safety.

A summary of the functions of these divisions is provided below:

Planning Division
The Planning Division is responsible for developing and updating the Comprehensive Plan for the unincorporated areas of Cochise County. This Division also works with communities to develop more specific area, neighborhood and community plans. Further, the Planning Division assists in developing and revising the Zoning and Subdivision ordinances. This Division also processes special use requests, rezonings, home occupations, accessory living quarters applications, lot modifications and variances to the Zoning Regulations, as well as subdivisions. In addition the Planning Division is responsible for the County’s Rural Addressing program.

Zoning Division
The Zoning Division is responsible for the issuance of land clearing and demolition permits.  The Division enforces the Zoning Regulations, Land Clearing Ordinance, Light Pollution Ordinance, Hazard Abatement Ordinance,Graffiti Abatement in the enclaves of Sierra Vista and the Solid Waste (Wildcat Dumping) Ordinance.

Building Safety Division
The Building Safety Division is responsible for the issuance of building and use permits (both residential and commercial), and coordinates all facets of building plan review and the subsequent inspection process during construction (both residential and commercial) for code conformance in the interest of public safety. The Cochise County Building Safety Code incorporates various building, plumbing, electrical, fire, mechanical and energy conservation codes for the applicable portions of the unincorporated areas of the county. To ensure quality construction for the county's residents and visitors, the Building Safety Division regulates building construction and building occupancy through the enforcement of the Building Safety Code.  The Building Safety Division also performs the state required installation inspections on Mobile and Manufactured Homes in the county, under an agreement with the State of Arizona Office of Manufactured Housing.  The Division issues County permits and, as such, is responsible for receiving applications and issuing permits for septic systems ( Health Department), residential work in the right-of-way, and floodplain use permits (see Highway and Floodplain Department for Right-of-Way and Floodplain information) once those departments have provided their reviews.

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