In order to assure that we get you the right information requested, please fill out this form. Depending on the staff time needed to gather this information, it may take some time to compile. We will do our best to get the requested information to you as soon as possible.

This form can be used to find out the zoning that applies to your property or whether your property is in a floodplain, You can also find out the Comprehensive Plan Growth Area or designation. Someone in the Planning Department will respond to your request within 24 business hours. Property information is filed by the parcel number, so it is important that this information is completed on the form. Your parcel number is found on the property tax statement sent by the County Assessor's Office and looks like a social security number (example 107-23-001A). For specific questions, comments or complaints regarding roads, easements, or road signs, so to the Road Service Request.

Indicate below what type of information you need (such as property zoning, required setbacks/building heights, floodplain determination, etc.). If you want copies of a file, maps or other documentation, please be as specific as possible and indicate the number of copies. Please be aware that there is a charge of $.30 (black and white) and $.35 (color) per letter-size copy, $.50 for 11”x17” and additional charges for maps.