Planning and Zoning (P&Z) is responsible for the long and short range planning for unincorporated areas and communities in Cochise County and developing and updating the Comprehensive Plan. P&Z processes special use requests, rezoning, home occupations, subdivisions, and variances to the Zoning Regulations.


Planner: Christine McLachlan

Planner: Robert Kirschmann


The purpose of zoning is to guide the development of land in accordance with the County’s Comprehensive Plan, and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the County’s residents. Zoning districts specify permitted land uses, minimum lot sizes, and certain site development standards such as setbacks and screening. Because Cochise County encompasses a large and diverse area, there are 34 individual zoning districts. 

Summary of Zoning Districts

Subdivision Regulations

A new subdivision is created when a large parcel is divided into 6 or more smaller parcels when any one of these parcels is smaller than 36-acres. The Cochise County Subdivision Regulations contain the procedures for creating a new subdivision. 

Comprehensive Plan and Area Plans

The Cochise County Comprehensive Plan adopted in 1984 and last revised in 2015 serves to promote orderly and well-planned County growth. The Plan consists of a written document establishing land use, transportation, water conservation and public facility goals and polices and a series of maps that serve as a blueprint for the intensity and type of land uses expected near the incorporated cities and towns and in the outlying rural areas.

Planning & Zoning Commission

The Planning Commission consists of 9-members appointed by the Board of Supervisors for four-year terms. Each supervisor appoints 3-members from the district they represent. Their main function is to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on rezonings, Comprehensive Plan amendments and to make decisions on special use permit applications

Clearing Land

Home Occupations

Lot Modifications

Master Development Plans

Subdividing Property


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