Rural Addressing... Why You Need an Address


The most important reason for having a County-assigned address for your property is to make it easy for 9-1-1 Emergency Services to reach you and your family in case of need. Your count assigned address is part of a system of Atlas maps and computer data information that is utilized by all 9-1-1 Emergency Service units.  With the Enhanced 9-1-1 System that is to be implemented in Cochise County, your location will automatically appear on the computer screen in a 9-1-1 dispatch office once you dial 9-1-1, even if you or a family member are so incapacitated or confused that you cannot speak to the dispatcher and even if English is not the language spoken in your home.  This system will help save time, property and lives.


The U.S. Postal Service and other delivery services are switching to street address numbers for their deliveries as these addresses are assigned within Cochise County.  Rural Route numbers and other methods of identifying County residences and businesses for mail delivery will be phased out as these street addresses become official.


Utilities, such as telephone, electric, gas and water, are also beginning to utilize County-assigned street addresses to more easily locate sites for installation and repair services.  Within Cochise County, some utilities will no longer be established unless a property has an assigned address.


For official financial documents and transactions, real estate, mortgage and insurance firms are also beginning to utilize County-assigned addresses in order to specifically identify those properties in which they have an interest.


As you will note on applications for an Arizona Driver License or a Vehicle Title, a street address is required in addition to a Post Office Box number mailing address.


To obtain credit cards and bank loans, many financial institutions now require street addresses on applications.  This requirement is expected to become basic as personal financial information is increasingly computerized.


Street addresses will become a requirement on most profession and business licenses, especially if a business is being operated from a residence.  An address will make it easier for customers to find your business.


In order to enroll you children in school, school administrators need to know your street address so that they can determine in which school district you reside and the appropriate bus routing.


Your children, should they become lost or ill, should have a distinct address number that is given to police or other emergency units in order that you may be promptly notified of the situation.


Relatives, friends, health service agencies, or social organizations, such as Meals on Wheels, that are trying to locate you will have a much easier task if you have a specific street address.


If you want your stocking stuffed in a timely fashion, a proper street address will help a busy Santa make your Christmas a merry one.


  • The Rural Addressing staff can be reached by calling the Planning Department at (520) 432-9260.
  • Addresses are assigned as part of building permit issuance.
  • The fee for issuing an address is $15.
  • Addresses cannot be assigned to vacant parcels.

Unnamed roads can be named by a plurality of property owners living on the road for a fee of $150, with signs being an additional $135 each.

To Report Missing or Vandalized Street Signs, contact the Highway and Floodplain Department.