Elections - Special Districts

Elections - Special Districts

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Mission: The Cochise County Elections & Special Districts Department administers, prepares, conducts and tallies federal, state and county elections held in Cochise County in a fair and impartial manner, and in accordance with the Arizona Revised Statutes and Federal law. The department also provides contract election services and assistance to several cities within the County and special districts (school districts, fire districts, water districts and the community college district). These services includes securing polling locations, hiring and training poll workers, tabulating ballots and preparing reports of results. "Current Elections Fee Schedule"

The department also handles petitions and campaign finance filing for candidates as well as referendum, initiative, and recall filings and elections.

We also provide assistance to individuals trying to form special taxing districts such as fire, light, water and road districts. Once the district is formed the department is responsible for collecting each district filing, annual report and annual budget.

Note: Voter Registration Information is managed by the Cochise County Recorder. To REGISTER TO VOTE or to request an EARLY BALLOT contact the Recorder's at (520) 432-8354 or 1-888-457-4513 or by email at recorder@cochise.az.gov