Thank you for your interest in becoming an Election worker.  We utilize an online application process.  Please complete the form in its entirety and submit the form online.  Election workers must be 18 years of age or older no later than election day for the current election.  High school students interested in being considered as a Student Clerk may also apply.  Applications are currently being reviewed with interviews scheduled.  Successful applicants may earn up to $150 per election depending upon assignments and training.  Mileage is also reimbursable.

I UNDERSTAND that there are several factors involved in choosing election workers including: site party balance and balance of experience. I am aware that assignments are based on need and not everyone is guaranteed an assignment. I also acknowledge that due to these and other factors I may not be Placed at the most convenient site, Given a specific shift for a particular ELECTION, OR given a shift with my friends.

Notice to Applicant - Please read before you click submit:

No applicant is guaranteed an assignment, and applicants agree to an interview as needed. Applicants are considered temporary contract workers with no guarantee of employment or benefits other than election stipend pay.  The Cochise County Elections Department can dismiss an individual for failure to attend training, misbehavior, poor customer service, neglect of duty, or insubordination, etc. Applicants agrees to remain an eligible voter and must inform the Elections Department in writing if they change Party affiliation.  Applicants must attend in-person mandatory training and work as assigned to receive a training stipend. Failure to complete in-person training and/or failure to report to the assigned Vote Center disqualifies an individual from receiving any compensation for services. Applicants should clear their calendar to work as requested.  Conflicts DO NOT disqualify applicants for selection but discloser after an assignment which negatively impacts a site can be cause for removal or reassignment. Election workers work an average of 15 hours straight on Election Day. Communication to applicants is by email regarding interview, training dates, manuals/curriculum, and assignments. Applicants must disclose conflicts with schedule upon application. Compensation of $600 or more in a calendar year is subject to tax withholding. Workers are paid via check mailed to their address 30 days after an election. By submitting this application, you agree to have read, understand and accept the Notice to Applicant, qualifications, and wish to apply as an Election Workers for the upcoming election cycle.

By submitting my application, I Accept the Terms and conditions associated with the position.  Thank you for your application. You will receive an email regarding your application.  We appreciate your interest in serving your community on Election Day.