Emergency Services

Our office gets asked one question quite often, "What exactly does Emergency Services do?" 

The easiest answer to this question is to provide the mission for this office:

"The mission of the Cochise County Office of Emergency Services is to provide community-wide education, planning, coordination and continuity of government for the people of Cochise County in order to protect lives, property and the environment in all types of major emergencies and disasters, both natural and manmade.  This shall be accomplished by providing community-wide planning efforts in the areas of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. "

But what does all that really  mean to a Cochise County citizen?

One of the most basic and fundamental responsibilities of government is to provide for the safety and welfare of its citizens before, during and after major emergencies and disasters.  This office is dedicated to making sure the preparation for, response to and recovery from a disaster in Cochise County is well thought out, planned for as much as possible in advance, and allows for an expedited return to normal operations.

Cochise County Emergency Services works with not only first responder organizations, like Police & Fire Departments, we also work with area hospitals, schools, and other local, state and federal agencies to meet our mission of providing community-wide planning for disasters.  We assist in organizing training and exercise events throughout the County to prepare the first responder community for a major disaster or emergency.  In addition our office coordinates disaster response or crisis management activities (ordering evacuations, opening public shelters, implementing special needs programs, etc.), and during an incident we act as a liaison between other County assets, neighboring jurisdictions, state and federal resources, to make them available to the affected community.

So how are you a part of all this?

Clearly, an important aspect of the Emergency Services' Office is planning, however, our office and the first response communities in this County are not the only ones who need to concern themselves for disaster planning.  Part of the responsibility for being prepared in a disaster rests on the shoulders of every citizen.  Make plans with your families, for your pets, for your homes, so that you are prepared if a disaster strikes in your community.  

United States Department of Homeland Security National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS)