Mission: To provide Cochise County citizens with education on flood hazards, building requirements, and information about the National Flood Insurance Program in order to reduce flood damage and maintain the environmental benefits provided by floodplains.

Statutory Authorization

The State of Arizona requires that local governmental units adopt floodplain management regulations designed to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of its citizenry.

See: Arizona Revised Statutes §48-3601 through §48-3627(Scroll down to Chapter 21, Article 1.)

The Flood Control District of Cochise County is charged with regulating the use of land in accordance with these regulations and those specified in the Cochise County Floodplain Regulations, originally adopted December 1984 and revised several times since then.

   Flood Insurance Rate Maps:


Floodplains are delineated on the Federal Insurance Rate Maps. The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA prepares studies providing local agencies with the necessary information to administer their floodplains.

If a building or residence is determined to be located in a Floodplain then Floodplain use permits are required. If you are considering developing in a floodplain then this brochure may be helpful. 

Floodplains provide important environmental services for people and wildlife. This brochure explains how.

To view descriptions of zone designations on FIRM Mapsclick here.

Where to get more information...

If you have concerns about anything related to seasonal flooding, flood insurance or matters concerning home construction, please look for additional information in Floodplain Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  You may find answers to your questions here, and you can refer back to specific items as necessary.


FEMA National Flood Insurance Program