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The Engineering and Natural Resources Department has responsibility for the survey, design, engineering, planning and management of the County’s floodplains, transportation and drainage systems and natural resources. This includes the review of civil site plans for construction, permits and inspection for right of way improvements, encroachment, and floodplain use permits.

The Flood Control District, a division of this Department, serves as a steward of the County’s natural resources to guide residents about flooding and erosion with education on flood hazards, building requirements and information about the National Flood Insurance Program, in order to reduce flood damage and maintain the environmental benefits provided by floodplains.

The Engineering and Natural Resources Department works collaboratively with other agencies and organizations to coordinate Federal, State and local funding and planning for transportation and natural resources projects throughout the County. Examples are the Department’s participation in the Upper San Pedro Partnership, the Fort Huachuca Sentinel Landscape, SEAGO, Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization, and the Cochise Conservation and Recharge Network, where the County works to plan, design and construct aquifer recharge projects in the Sierra Vista Sub-watershed to enhance flows in the regionally important San Pedro River.