Transportation Planning helps elected officials and residents better understand what their future infrastructure needs might be and develops strategies to address those needs.   Collecting and analyzing demographic and traffic data is an important part of transportation planning and helps the County assess potential future conditions and needs.  


Large construction projects, especially those that include significant drainage structures, often are beyond the funding reach of the County’s annual budget.   The Transportation Planning department coordinates with a variety of federal, state, regional and local agencies to find funding for these large projects and shepherd them through the federal funding process. 


The work of this department is guided by a Long-Range Transportation Plan that looks out to a 20 year horizon.  Given that many federally funded projects can take 10 years or more to move from concept to construction it is also important to keep in mind longer horizons and the rapidly changing impact of technology on the transportation systems.


Long-Range Transportation Plan

Cochise County’s first Long-Range Transportation Plan was accepted by the Board of Supervisors in 2015.  Long-Range Transportation Plans are not a mandate for a County of our size but was developed to guide future infrastructure priorities.  This Long-Range Plan also consolidated in one document the existing demographic and traffic data that are considered when developing transportation projects. 


Recommendations are broken into three phases:  the immediate next ten years, a later phase through the year 2035; and, a future 2035 and beyond category.   These recommendations were prioritized by the Board of Supervisors with input from the Highway and Floodplain Dept., a Technical Advisory Committee and Stakeholder outreach.  


2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan - Final Summary Report and Recommendations


Road Design & Construction Standards & Specifications

The purpose of these Design Standards is to provide consistent design standards and specifications for the roadway network in Cochise County.  It also supports the County’s infrastructure management goal to prudently manage and preserve the County’s infrastructure investments.  

Cochise County adopted the 2017 update on August 22, 2017.  The update effort was funded with planning funds from the Sierra Vista Metropolitan Planning Organization, of which Cochise County is a member. Kimley-Horn was awarded a contract to provide technical and graphics assistance in order to prepare clear and accurate drawings for this document.  Staff contributed over 350 hours over the past six months to revise the County’s Road Design Standards.


The 2017 adopted version includes one new roadway cross-section, six revised roadway cross-sections, 20 new design details and 19 revised design details.  New design details include swing flood gates, driveway details, recreational trails and a prototype for a typical trailhead parking area. 


Many of the details included in this 2017 update also provide guidance to residents of the County or Home Owner Associations that are responsible for private roads in the County.

Road Design & Construction Standards & Specifications for Public Improvements 2017 
Commercial Driveway Handout 
Residential Driveway Handout 
Sight Distance Triangle Handout

Citizen Planning Opportunities

We are always seeking interested advocates for providing citizen input into various studies or projects.  If you are interested in participating in any of these opportunities, please let us know! 


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