The Department of Facilities Management provides the following services for Cochise County:

Facilities Management is responsible for property management of facilities owned and/or leased by Cochise County. This includes but is not limited to supervision and management of construction of new buildings; alterations of existing buildings.

Project Management is responsible for the management of major construction projects, contract management and quality assurance.

Airport Management is responsible for overseeing the operation and maintenance of two airports throughout Cochise County. Bisbee-Douglas International Airport is located approximately nine miles north of the City of Douglas on Highway 191 and approximately 55 miles south of Interstate 10 on Highway 191. Facility usage is private and commercial airport operations, heavy & light industrial, warehouse/distribution, manufacturing, State correctional operations. The Cochise County Airport is located in the outskirts of the city of Willcox, Arizona. This is a leased, fixed-base operation. The facility usage is private and commercial airport operations, fuel sales, and hangar & space rental.  The Facility is also used as a landing strip.

Finance Management is responsible for providing sound financial management for the Department according to County policies and procedures and prescribed guidelines set forth by the State Auditor General's office. Budget management consists of 1) Three funds under the umbrella of the General Fund - Facilities, Willcox Airport and Utilities -- 2) One Proprietary (Enterprise) fund - Bisbee/Douglas International Airport -- 3) One Special Revenue fund - Airport Development Grants and other various State Grants.

Mail/Custodial Management is responsible for collecting and distributing interoffice and U.S. mail throughout all County departments in a timely manner. This section is also charged with management of all custodial services utilized for the upkeep of all County Buildings.