Mission Statement

To provide access and support for the treatment and recovery of addiction, and improve the health and safety of our community

What is the Cochise Addiction and Recovery Partnership (CARP)?

CARP is a collaboration of community health, law enforcement, and government agencies who have the common goal of tackling the opioids and drugs crisis in Cochise County. Listen to this podcast to hear directly from the founders of this program.

How does CARP plan to work on this issue?

CARP is taking a new approach to tackling the drugs crisis by treating it as a health concern, rather than a criminal issue. At the center of this focus is the Angel Program, which aims to get people the help they need to lead a healthier lifestyle, free of addiction.

How does the Angel Program work?

Anyone can walk into the Douglas or Bisbee police stations, or approach a Douglas/Bisbee police officer, or Sheriff’s deputy, and request help with their addiction. You will be immediately transported to a medical facility with the resources to help you get healthy.

Will I be arrested if I have drugs or drug paraphernalia?

No, you will not be charged with possession of drugs or related equipment, and you will be treated with compassion and understanding. However, if you have an outstanding arrest warrant, that issue will have to be dealt with. The goal, though, is to get you into treatment as quickly as possible.

How will I get to a treatment facility?

You will be transported by a law enforcement officer or one of our community volunteers.

Is this program available in other areas of Cochise County?

We are working with law enforcement leaders in other communities to expand the program.

Is there a number I can call for more information?

Yes. You can call Douglas Police at (520) 417-7550, Bisbee Police at (520) 432-2261, or the Sheriff’s Office at (520) 432-9500.

Partner Agencies

Alternative Counseling (520) 459-1148
Arizona Complete Health 
Cochise Health & Social Services 
Cochise County Attorney’s Office 
Cochise County School Superintendent’s Office 
Cochise County Sheriff’s Office 
Cochise County Public Information Office  
Community Health Associates  
Community Bridges 
Community Medical Services 
Chiricahua Community Health Centers 
Community Partners Integrated Healthcare 
Douglas Police Department 
Bisbee Police Department 
City of Bisbee 
Dwayne Wallace
Hoops House 
Verhelst Recovery House    
Wellness Connections 
Cochise Re-Entry Coalition  
Women’s Transition Project (520) 432-8068 
Northern Cochise Community Hospital 
Copper Queen Hospital  
Canyon Vista Medical Center  
Southern Arizona Opioid Consortium (520) 766-6514


Parents of Addicted Loved Ones
1155 E. Willcox Drive, Building B, Sierra Vista (Calvary Chapel)
Meets 1st & 3rd Monday of each month from 6pm to 7:30pm

Family to Family Support Group
Grace United Methodist Church, 713 E. 11th St., Douglas, AZ
Meets Thursday nights from 6pm-8pm. Call Virginia Garcia Moses at (520) 366-3603 or email

Medication drop off boxes

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