Community Health Information Now Available On-Line

Health and Housing

In June 2017 the Cochise Healthy Communities Coalition hosted three community engagement sessions to solicit public input into the Community Health Improvement Plan, which is due to be completed this summer. 


The information generated through these community engagement sessions is now available for public review at:


Information available includes audio recordings and power point presentations for the panel discussions in each Priority area, as well as documentation of the draft strategies and activities generated in the break-out sessions.


Over 150 people helped to develop strategies, actions and tasks to address our top Community Health Priorities and to achieve our Community Health Goals:


Priority 1: Mental Health & Substance Abuse

Goal 1.A: Affect state and local policy changes that mandate diversion from jail and prison for individuals diagnosed with mental illness and/or substance use disorder.

Goal 1.B: Identify all of the existing resources and gaps in resources for mental health care and substance use disorder in Cochise County.

Goal 1.C: Expand mental health and substance use disorder resources for all populations of residents in Cochise County.  

Priority 2: Jobs & a Healthy Economy

Goal 2.A: Ensure local policies promote business growth and protect/promote community vitality.

Goal 2.B: Promote eco-tourism, historic tourism and agri-tourism.

Goal 2.C: Support and promote the value of current and future cross-border partnerships and business activities.


Priority 3: Healthy Eating, Diabetes & Obesity

Goal 3.A: Build and strengthen community based infrastructure that provides options for healthy eating & active living.

Goal 3.B: Change cultural expectations about the definition of a good and healthy life.

Goal 3.C: Ensure healthy living activities are responsive to the diversity of Cochise County.


How can you become involved?

Join the Cochise Healthy Communities Initiative by participating in one of the Priority Area work groups (Mental Health/Substance Use Disorder, Good Jobs & a Healthy Economy or Healthy Eating, Diabetes & Obesity) by contacting Judith Gilligan at


What components make a community healthy?

Access to healthcare?  A safe space to play?  The availability of healthy food?  Livable-wage jobs?  Answers to questions like these are critically important to creating a healthy community.


What is a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)?

Using the results from the 2017 Community Health Assessment (CHA), the 2017 CHIP will outline a strategic action plan to provide overall guidance and direction for community health and other related projects throughout Cochise County.   The CHA and CHIP will prove vital in assessing needs, providing services, making policy change and securing funds for health-related services and projects in the neighborhoods, towns and communities in our county.


What is a Community Health Assessment (CHA)?

A CHA is a systematic examination of health status indicators that identify key assets and challenges in a defined community.  Two essential ingredients for success are community engagement and collaborative participation.


All perspectives and opinions about community health needs from the 2,500 responses to the public perception survey were combined with quantitative health data and information from community focus groups and key informant interviews to produce a well informed, community-based foundation for taking useful next steps to create healthy communities throughout Cochise County. 


The completed 2016 Community Health Assessment Report and appendices are available for review at


Current list of collaborative partners helping to conduct the 2017 Community Health Improvement Plan include: Arizona At Work, BeHealthy!Sierra Vista, Benson Hospital, Canyon Vista Medical Center, Cenpatico Integrated Care, Child & Family Resources, Chiricahua Community Health Centers, Cochise College of Nursing, Cochise Housing Authority, Cochise Public Fiduciary, Cochise Rentry Coalition, Community Food Bank of Southern AZ, Copper Queen Hospital, County Board of Supervisors, County Board of Health, Easterseals Blake Foundation, First Things First Cochise Regional Council, Fort Huachuca Community Health Promotion Council, Fry Fire Department, Healthy Tombstone, Legacy Foundation of SE Arizona, Mexican Consulate, Naco Wellness Initiative, NAMI, Northern Cochise Community Hospital, SAZ VA Health Care, SEABHS, SEAGO, St Vincent DePaul, Rural Accent in Bowie, UofA Cooperative Extension, WASA Willcox Against Substance Abuse, and many more!