County officials monitoring Naco sewage situation

The sewage spill in Naco, AZ that began on Sunday 9/9/18 has largely been contained pending further action on the part of municipal authorities in Naco, Sonora, in coordination with the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ), the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC), and the North American Development Bank (NADBANK).

The previous flow of sewage near the Naco Port of Entry has been stopped, and all pooled sewage on the US side of the border in that area has been contained and treated.

The western flow of sewage into the US on the outskirts of Naco has diminished to approx. 300 gals/minute and is being monitored and treated by Cochise County health officials.  The current conditions do not represent an immediate threat to public health, and local roads remain open; however, until all sewage flows are eliminated, residents are urged to avoid standing pools of water near the border.

The Naco Water Company and Arizona Water Company have increased treatment and testing of local wells and have found no indication of a threat to the water supply.

County health officials have notified the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs and the Environmental Protection Agency Region IX Response Center of the event.

The county’s Emergency Management Incident Action Plan is being updated to reflect the increases in frequency and severity of releases.  The county will ensure a robust response to any substantial sewage flows in the future.

Naco, SON municipal officials continue to work with state officials from Arizona and Sonora, as well as US federal government officials, to finalize plans to repair pipelines and upgrade infrastructure to prevent recurrent flows.