Cochise County hosts free adult vaccination clinic

Cochise County Health & Social Services hosted a free adult vaccination clinic Friday, September 28 at the Naco Fire District Station.  Nearly three dozen people received doses of vaccines to prevent Hepatitis A/B and tetanus. 

The public service was a preventive response to the ongoing HAZMAT situation at the international border, and reflects the County’s top priority of protecting the health and welfare of its residents. A children’s immunization clinic will be offered in October.

The multiple-agency response also included the participation of Fry Fire, Bisbee Fire, Naco Fire, Cochise County Emergency Services, and the Community Emergency Response Team, who together provided facility, logistical, and support personnel assistance. 

Two dozen agency staff members were on hand to administer the vaccinations, answer questions, provide educational materials, and ensure the smooth operation of the eight-hour clinic.

Following a leak of raw sewage from Naco, Mexico, onto U.S. soil on September 9, hazardous materials have continued to flow across the international border, currently at a rate of between 150,000 and 250,000 gallons daily.

A toll-free Naco HAZMAT hotline - (833) 670-5786 – remains available Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., providing information on the risks associated with exposure to raw sewage and the precautions people can take to avoid contamination of their families and pets.

“We are providing this public service to the residents of Naco to help address any health concerns they may have relating to this HAZMAT issue,” said Carrie Langley, Director of Cochise Health & Social Services.

Residents are also reminded the County will offer a follow-up free immunization clinic to local children on Friday, October 12, at the Naco Elementary School, 1911 W. Valenzuela St. in Naco. Hours will be announced soon.

“The upcoming free clinic is being offered to Naco children as a precautionary measure,” added Langley. “We are also continuing to advise people to avoid the spill areas and any pools of standing water.”

Both Arizona Water Company and Southwest Utility Company, which provide water to Bisbee and Naco, have continued to test the drinking water and have assured residents it is safe to drink.

The County is also working with the University of Arizona to conduct more comprehensive testing of the soil and water, to provide a detailed assessment on the long-term impact to public health.

The public can also get information by visiting the County website at