Healthcare services provided at the Cochise County Jail have received a 100 percent rating following a state audit.


Medical staff from other jails visited the Bisbee facility for a spot check assessment and reported zero deficiencies to the Arizona Department of Health Services.


“This is a great reflection on our staff,” said Carrie Langley, Director of Cochise County Health & Social Services, which employs nine nurses and an administrative assistant to cover the medical needs of the jail. “They are the ones working here on a daily basis and ensuring all requirements are being met.”


The annual audit looks at a lengthy list of standards, including policies and procedures, routine and emergency needs, inmate records, intake screenings, suicide risk screenings, and chronic care, to name just a few.


Megan Kennedy, Health Services Director for the Cochise County Jail, also believes the commitment of the employees is responsible for the successful audit.


“I think we have really good staff,” she said. “Everybody does their job, which means we don’t have to prepare for audits – they are already doing the job right.”


Sheriff Mark Dannels also praised the work of the health staff in helping his team to ensure the jail runs effectively.


“The recent successful medical audit is directly related to the awesome and dedicated medical staff who work within our jail facilities,” he said. “I am so proud to have these professionals as part of our team as they strive to keep our inmates healthy and our facilities safe for all.”


Coincidentally, the spot check came on the same day as another unannounced audit of the Cochise County Health & Social Services offices and clinics at Melody Lane, Bisbee. Again, the Arizona Department of Health Services found no deficiencies.


“I’m really proud of the team,” said Langley.