A healthy community is more than just health.
A healthy community is everyone's responsibility.
Play your part. Have a voice. Make a difference.


What makes a community healthy? Jobs? Access to healthcare? A safe space to play? 
The availability of healthy food? Your help is important. Will you join the initiative?

The goal of the Cochise Healthy Communities Initiative is to motivate and guide the very diverse and unique communities within Cochise County to actively participate in identifying and addressing health concerns in their neighborhood, towns and surrounding communities.  Addressing health, social and economic factors, each community task force will focus on what is most needed to improve the community in which they live.


CHA community health PRIORITIES in Cochise County:

  1. Mental Health & Substance Abuse

  2. Jobs and a Healthy Economy

  3. Healthy Eating, Diabetes & Obesity


CONVENE or JOIN a Healthy Community Committee in your community

A Healthy Community Committee is simply a group of dedicated volunteers who work together to improve the health and well-being of their community. We will support your work by providing a toolkit of resources to establish your committee, help you select and implement your projects, and train your committee members and volunteers. We have a dedicated staff person to assist and support your committee each step along the way.

There are currently 6 active Healthy Community Committees:

  • Douglas Turning Point

    The longest running healthy community committee in Cochise County, the Douglas Turning Point began in 1998. What started in as an approach to foster innovation and collaboration for the well-being of the community is now a local network between businesses, agencies, and community members working to make Douglas a better place. The Turning Point meets on the third Wednesday each month at 7:30 a.m. at the Douglas Fire Station, located at block 1400 10th Street.


  • Sierra Vista BeHealthy!  https://prezi.com/zl40zqu8bp1q/be-healthy-sierra-vista/

     Convened in 2014, the Be Healthy! Sierra Vista Health Advisory Committee (HAC) is a collaborative group that will lead, promote and advance sustainable health initiatives through the development of strategies and objectives that address identified health priorities. Members of this health committee serve together in the roll of prevention, quality care insurance, policy development and community engagement. 


  • Fort Huachuca Community Health Promotion Council

    Convened in 2014, the overall objective of the Community Health Promotion Council (CHPC) is to focus on a more integrated comprehensive approach to address multiple risk factors, health conditions, and to optimize well being through interventions and strategies that can influence multiple organizational levels including individual behavior change, organizational culture, and the worksite/community environment.


  • Healthy Willcox

    Convened in October 2015, this group quickly focused on the lack of public transportation in Willcox and is currently working with SEAGO to bring public transportation to the Willcox area. In the meantime, ViCAP taxi service was expanded into the Willcox area. During 2016 additional committees were formed to address other issues including: opening a nursing home in Willcox, providing playground equipment for Willcox parks, and improving the economic outlook of the greater Willcox area.

  • Healthy Tombstone

    Convened in 2017 Healthy Tombstone was established to address three critical needs: expand access to emergency services, create or assist with lack of transportation options and expand healthier food options. Since the first meeting in January, Healthy Tombstone has created a volunteer transportation service by partnering with VICAP. They've made affordable supplemental helicopter insurance available to all residents in the Tombstone area. And by establishing a partnership between Healthy Tombstone, the local Lions Club, and the Tombstone Senior Center they are now exploring the possibility of opening a nonprofit grocery store.

  • Healthy Benson

    Convened in 2017 this group has begun the mission and visioning process to determine where they fit in the larger picture of the Healthy Cochise Initiative and the City of Benson. Additionally we are continually looking for partners to expand the reach and scope of Healthy Benson. Senior Center they are now exploring the possibility of opening a nonprofit grocery store.

  • Healthy Bisbee

    Convened in 2017, this action group was created from the core of previous Bisbee Homeless Task Force (2014-2016) which was disbanded in the fall of 2016. The current group is reviewing the intersection of law enforcement and mental health, and determining its role in the greater Healthy Cochise Initiative and how it can further the CHIP goals under Priority #1: Mental Health & Substance Abuse.


For more information or to join a committee:
Call Rachel Butterworth, MPH at 520-803-3928 -or-  Email: rbutterworth@cochise.az.gov


PARTICIPATE in the Community Health Improvement Plan

The CHIP will provide overall guidance and direction for all community health and other health-related projects throughout Cochise County.   The CHA and CHIP will be useful to everyone in assessing needs, providing services, making policy change and securing funds for health-related services and projects in all the neighborhoods, towns and communities in our county. 

The Cochise County CHIP Coalition has identified nine goals to address the three Priority areas from the Community Health Assessment. 



The Cochise Healthy Communities Initiative is seeking to develop collaborations with organizations, groups, committees, individuals, projects, programs and task forces in order to streamline work on similar issues using the same strategies toward achieving the same goals.  The Initiative wants to help make sure that everyone knows what everyone else is doing so we can combine our resources, skills and strengths to leverage even larger resources, like funding.


As a HEALTHY COCHISE Partner you can: Help us develop the CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plan), put HEALTHY COCHISE on your organization’s website and Facebook page, attend a Healthy Community Committee strategic planning training session (info coming soon), send a staff representative to your local Healthy Community Committee, keep us informed of what you are doing.



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