The Chronic Disease Self Management Program, otherwise known as the Healthy Living Program in the state of Arizona, is a series of workshops led by facilitators that help adults with chronic illnesses and their caretakers.  Participants learn ways to self-manage their condition and take charge of their life.  Participants who complete the program feel better, are less limited by their illness and may spend less time at the doctor or hospital.

Common Chronic Disease Conditions Include: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, High Blood Pressure, Cancer, Stroke, Depression, Fibromyalgia

Chronic Disease Risk Factor Include: Smoking, Poor diet and/or nutrition, Physical inactivity, Falls, Alcohol & substance abuse, Stress, Social isolation

Statistics and Cost Savings

  • Chronic conditions are the leading cause of death in the United States at 7 out of 10 deaths each year!

  • Chronic conditions account for 75% of the more than $2 trillion spent on health care each year! 

  • Healthy Living can lead to substantial savings:  at $500 per patient!

  • 10% of the 133 million chronic disease suffers would net a savings of $6.65 billion in the first year!

How are Healthy Living workshops structured?

  • The program is a FREE 15-hour course conducted over 6 consecutive weeks. Meetings are scheduled for 2 ½ hours each week.

  • Workshops are conducted by volunteer Lay Leaders who have completed 24 hours of leadership and curriculum training.

  • Workshops are interactive and discussion is encouraged.

  • Classes are conducted in all county communities; workshop materials are provided at no cost.

  • Tomandos Control de la Salud – Healthy Living classes designed for Hispanic communities and conducted in Spanish are also provided in select locations.

  • Training and mentoring is provided for volunteer Lay Leaders who want to develop, recruit and conduct Healthy Living and/or Tomandos classes in their own community, neighborhood, or housing development.


What topics are covered in a Healthy Living workshop?

  • Dealing with difficult emotions
  • Managing symptoms
  • Goal setting & problem solving
  • Nutrition & physical activity
  • Understanding medications
  • Making informed treatment decisions
  • Increasing strength and stamina through better fitness


Who should participate?

Anyone with a chronic condition such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, asthma, or any other on-going health condition should participate. Caregivers or family members who serve as caregivers are welcome.

What are the benefits?

Workshop participants demonstrate significant improvements, report fewer hospitalizations, outpatient visits, and health care costs.


Where are the workshops held?

Classes are conducted in all county communities on a rotating schedule. Workshops are held in community or county settings such as churches, senior centers, and libraries.  Class size is typically around 12-18 participants.


How much does it cost to attend?

Healthy Living Workshops are free, supported by grant funds from the Arizona Department of Health Services, with the option to purchase course materials.


The Healthy Living Program in Arizona is sponsored by the Arizona Living Well Institute. It is based on the Chronic Disease Management Program developed by Dr. Kate Lorig at Stanford University.


Check our Events Calendar for SCHEDULED Healthy Living Classes. For more information call (520) 432-9493 or contact us at

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