The Cochise County Indigent Burial Program is committed to providing dignified final arrangements for those who die in Cochise County without the funds to pay for a burial.


The legal responsibility for burial in Arizona generally belongs to the decedent’s next of kin.  If the next of kin is not financially able to assume the cost of burial, a county indigent burial may be requested. 


Cochise County typically provides cremation services for indigent burials; however, a burial may be requested if the decedent already possesses a local cemetery plot.


We work with local funeral homes to provide indigent burials for veterans at the Southern Arizona Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Sierra Vista.


Eligibility for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System is the basic criterion for eligibility for Cochise County indigent burial.  The next of kin will be asked to complete and sign an affidavit affirming their financial status to determine eligibility for a county burial.


The application process for indigent burial starts at the local contracted funeral home where all necessary forms may be obtained.  The funeral home pre-screens and submits to the county for approval the (i) Indigent Burial Worksheet (with relevant financial data), (ii) Affidavit of Financial Need, and (iii) and a copy of the death certificate.


In accordance with Arizona law, Cochise County reserves the right to recover burial costs from the decedent's estate.  Documentation to recover the county’s burial costs will be filed with any financial institution determined to be in possession of monies in an account in the decedent's name.


For more information, please contact your local funeral home or call 520 432 9400.