Our Tobacco Prevention services include a comprehensive prevention and education program that addresses tobacco use and the impact it has on health. We are working to reduce tobacco use and involuntary exposure to second and third hand smoke for all county residents.

Trained Health Educators provide a variety of services to the community to encourage and support reduction of tobacco use and sales.

Tobacco Facts

  • Tobacco is the number one preventable cause of death in the U.S. Over 480,000 people die annually because of tobacco use, and 42,000 people die from second hand smoke inhalation.
  • Cigarettes contain over 7,000 chemicals, 70 which are directly cancer causing, the same chemicals found in second hand smoke.
  • E-cigarettes juices contain nicotine, even if it is not listed on the label. Nicotine is addictive and harmful to your health.

Find the facts on the CDC website

Cessation Services

ASHLine –  ASHLINE (Arizona Smokers’ Helpline) 

The Arizona Smokers' Helpline offers FREE telephone and web-based services to help people quit tobacco.  Whether you are thinking about quitting, you’re ready to quit, or just working to stay quit, we can help.

WHAT is ASHLine?

  • ASHLine is a FREE cessation resource offered to all residents of Arizona.
  • ASHLine offers over the phone, online, and mobile assistance to anyone who seeks help with quitting tobacco use.
  • Up to four weeks of free nicotine replacement therapy is provided and mailed directly to your home. (This includes patches, gum, and lozenges) if you meet eligibility requirements.
  • This is a self paced program and will work with your to help you cope with nicotine cravings, trouble concentrating, and building a support network to work through other hardships associated with quitting.

The Arizona Smokers Helpline is there for you. We offer technical assistance and training to health care providers, individuals and businesses.  WebQuit, the online resource center is available any time you need support – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The quit coaches at the Arizona Smokers’ Helpline (ASHLine), many of whom are former tobacco users, are trained professionals who will help you customize and follow a quit plan. 

They act as your personal trainer for quitting tobacco and help you set goals, work toward a quit date, and provide support. Just like a personal trainer, a quit coach will work with you one-on-one to keep you on track and help you make adjustments to your quit plan along the way.

ASHLine will never harass or persistently contact people who showed interest to quit.  This process can be long and sometimes difficult to work through and ASHLine understands that.  They are a tool for the people who are ready to commit to the change. 

For Businesses and Health Care Providers

We offer training for businesses and health care providers, in effective ways of making ASHLine referrals for employees and customers.  The referral process is a quick, easy way to incorporate smoking cessation into your health care business or worksite wellness program.


Youth Health Coalition (STAND)

Youth promote tobacco prevention messaging to their peers, focus on community-wide policy change and assist at school and community events.


Tobacco Sales Compliance Checks

Staff and Youth Coalition youth participate in tobacco sales compliance checks with the Attorney General’s office several times a year in random communities in Cochise County.


Tobacco Use and Sales Diversion Training

Diversion training on tobacco prevention for high school youth caught smoking.

Diversion training on tobacco sales for retailers who fail compliance checks.

If you have been ticketed for failing a compliance, please call (520) 432-9493 or contact us at



Arizona Department of Health Services 




CDC Tobacco Facts 
Smokefree Arizona 
Arizona Department of Health Services 
American Cancer Society 
American Lung Association 
American Heart Association



The Cochise County Health Department’s Prevention Tobacco Division coordinates activities for residents through direct services and partners with other agencies. These Prevention Services include school and community based educational programs that target youth, peer leadership programs, media literacy programs and exhibits, information and outreach at public events, and education to health care providers. 


For information on heart health related to smoking, please visit out Million Hearts page.