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Vision: Our Vision is a safe healthy community where positive opportunities and healthy decisions create positive lifestyles.

Mission: Our mission it to inspire the community about health issues with service, fun group activities and personal examples.

Douglas Arizona Group
Meet every Tuesday: 1:00pm-2:30pm
Location: 1012 North G Avenue, Suite 101, Douglas, AZ 85607
Contact: Jesus Duarte, (520) 432-5607 jduarte@cochise.az.gov


• Funded by Arizona Department of Health Services
• First Coalition established in 2011 in Douglas, Arizona
• Successfully passed legislation to have Airport Park in Douglas become a tobacco-free park
• Created and headlined the first annual “Get Out and Play Day” in Douglas to promote physical activities and tobacco awareness, April 2014
• In the past year the Douglas coalition conducted over 70 tobacco compliance checks with the Attorney Generalthrough the “Counter Strike” program to ensure tobacco sales to minors is contained in Cochise County.
• Sierra Vista group established in November of 2014
• Successfully coordinated and led the Great American Smokeout 2014
• Conducted Tompkins Park clean up to prepare for Kick Butts Day and to pass legislation that would make this park tobacco free


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Sierra Vista, Arizona Group
Meet every other Thursday: from 2:30-3:30pm
Location: Sierra Vista Teen Center 3401 E. Fry Blvd
Contact: (520) 432-9495

Calling on all High School and Middle School Students!!!

• We are looking for motivated, driven, and passionate young minds who can lead Cochise County to a healthier and tobacco-free environment.
• What we do: become trained peed leaders, engage in planning meetings, and attend health-based training events, plan youth health events, develop presentation messages, provide community services, and recruit others to join!!!
• Youth coalition member promote tobacco prevention messages to their peers, focus on community-wide policy change and assist at school and community events.
• Tobacco Vendor Compliance Checks otherwise known as “Counter Strike”  - Youth work alongside the Attorney General’s Office to conduct checks at any tobacco vendor throughout the county.

Annual Events and Activities

February - Through with Chew
March - Kick Butts Day
October - Red Ribbon Week
November - Great American Smokeout


Ongoing Events


Compliance Checks
Tobacco 101 Training
Annual Celebration Event
Community Service, Education, Outreach


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 http://www.standaz.com/ AND http://www.counterstrikeaz.com/

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