Board of Supervisors approves community development requests

Community Services

At its regular meeting on December 5, the Cochise County Board of Supervisors approved the establishment of a road near Bowie as a declared county highway, and agreed to abandon a public easement in Hereford at the request of a local property owner.


A 1.1 mile portion of Fan Road, from Central Avenue east to Donahue Road north of Bowie, is now a declared county highway, which allows the county to improve the road, rather than just maintain it.


Highway & Floodplain Director Karen Riggs said maintenance of the road had become an issue due to sandy soil and so the county has used a test process to tackle the problem and upgrade it.


“We are trying different treatments to reduce the cost of chip sealing on roads that don’t have high traffic, or have other special cases,” Riggs said. “We have already worked on Fan Road, as well as some other roads, and we will track the performance of those projects and look at where we might use this same process elsewhere.”


After hearing the property owner had dedicated the right of way to the county, the Board of Supervisors approved the establishment of Fan Road as a declared county highway.


In a second request, Bryan and Nataliya Veal, owners of a parcel of land in Hereford, known as Palominas Ranches Unit 1, asked that the public easements on the west and south boundary of the property along Livvy Lane be abandoned to allow them to install a fence for cattle.


The Board heard objections from the Veal’s neighbors, Robert and Lillian Snyder, who expressed concerns about future access and potential damage to an oak tree they said sits on the border of both properties.


However, after being told that a 30-foot wide easement would still remain should a future right-of-way be needed, and that a survey had determined the tree was within the Snyders’ property line, the Board agreed to the abandonment request.