When travelling on paved roads in Cochise County, think of the methods used in building roads that will last for many years and preserve a high level of driving safety and comfort.





BASE PREPARATION for a chip seal project in Carr Canyon.   The attention to design detail in a road is apparent from the shaping and grading of the roadbed prior to surfacing.  Allowing for proper drainage will prevent sudden erosion damage along the shoulders or gradual weakening of pavement.






THE INITIAL PHASE of the chip sealing process as performed on San Mateo Road.   After the roadbed was prepared, the crew assembled materials and equipment needed to lay down a durable surface designed to provide ‘bang for the buck’.

The chip-sealing season lasts throughout Arizona’s warmer months to allow optimum conditions for the materials that work best in our climate.







NEAR COMPLETION of Carr Canyon’s chip seal project, the spreaders have applied a controlled coating of an emulsion that will bond the evenly layered crushed stone and form a solid, weather-resistant surface.   At the end of the first lane, the crew has repositioned to make a final pass on the opposing lane.  A second chip seal coat may be applied to some roads bearing higher traffic stresses.









Cochise County is a beautiful part of Arizona.  It is important to note that life in the country is different from life in the city.  County governments are not able to provide the same level of service that city governments provide.


To that end, we are providing you with the above information in order to inform the public about the services this department is able to provide.  It is also a goal of this department to assist citizens of Cochise County by presenting facts that will enable them to make self-reliant, informed decisions about life in a rural, southeastern Arizona setting.