Quiet zone granted for Bowie railroad crossing

Cochise County has successfully applied to upgrade a railroad crossing in the rural community of Bowie to help accommodate the implementation of a quiet zone.

Following complaints from residents about the noise from the 40 trains using the crossing at Central Avenue on a daily basis, the County agreed to address the issue.

The crossing will now be designated a Federal Railroad Administration quiet zone after the County’s Highways & Floodplain Department completes its road upgrades.

A quiet zone means approaching trains will not give a warning sound, unless deemed absolutely necessary by the engineer.

On behalf of the Union Pacific Railroad Company, the County sought and won approval from the Arizona Corporation Commission to install raised medians at both approaches to the crossing, as part of a supplemental safety measure.

The two 100-foot medians are designed to deter traffic from driving across the railroad when the crossing guards are down and to keep vehicles within their lane. An average of 480 vehicles cross per day.

Construction work is expected to begin this month and will cost an estimated $35,000.