Road Design & Construction Standards & Specifications


We are in the process of updating our 2005 Road Design & Construction Standards & Specifications Manual.  We have been working with a consultant team (Kimley-Horn) for a few months on this effort.   This update is incorporating safety and best engineering practices that have been adopted by oversight agencies, such as AASHTO, since our last adopted version.  We anticipate bringing this update to our Board of Supervisor for adoption in late August.


As a contractor that works in our County from time to time, we would welcome your review of this final draft.  


We are attaching a handout with information about this update.  The final draft and a webpage comment form are available on our website – links are provided below.   


To review the final update of the Road Design & Construction Standards & Specifications please check out our website at:


An fillable comment form is available here:


Thank you for helping us improve our standards for the future construction of projects in our County.   If you have any questions about this pending update please let us know.