FAQ Information

The County will soon be implementing a new HR & Payroll system which will change the way you record your work hours, request and track vacation time, manage sick leave, benefits etc.

It is important all employees are aware of this new system, how it impacts them, and why this change is taking place.



We will be keeping employees updated on the implementation plan and training opportunities in the coming months, as well as providing more details about how the system will work and its impact. The County’s implementation team has met with representatives from all departments to explain the new system. If you have any questions, please talk to your supervisor about ADP Workforce Now. If they are unable to answer your question, please contact the implementation team at cochiseworkforce@cochise.az.gov

We are also working on a Cochise Workforce portal on the County website, which you will be able to access in the next couple of weeks to stay updated on this transition.

Implementation Team
Greg Walton (Project Manager)
Julie Morales (Human Resources Director)
Lynette Nowlan (Finance Director)
Joe Casey (IT Director)
Amanda Baillie (Public Information Officer)

I hear the County is changing its payroll system. Is that correct?

Yes. The County has been looking for a more cost effective and efficient way to manage its administrative processes and after extensive research has chosen a company to automate its systems.

Who will be managing this transition?

The County has contracted with ADP Workforce Now, which will be working with our IT, Finance and Human Resources Departments to ensure a smooth transition.

What is ADP Workforce Now?

ADP Workforce Now is an automated time, attendance, and leave management system. In 2017, ADP celebrated 68 years in business and serves more than 700,000 clients in 113 countries. Major ADP clients include Marriott, Ford, and JPMorgan Chase.

When will the new system be implemented?

We are working toward a December 16, 2018, implementation date.

Which employees will be impacted by this change?

All employees paid on the Cochise County payroll will be using this new system.

How will this new system impact me?

All employees will be using the system to record their hours, request and track vacation time, manage sick leave, benefits, etc. ADP Workforce Now is a web-based program, which means you’ll be able to conveniently access the system from anywhere, at any time, including your mobile devices.

Why is the County moving in this direction?

Our goal as an organization is to be as cost effective and efficient as possible, while meeting the needs of our staff and the citizens of Cochise County. Implementing an automated system is a major step toward the County becoming a progressive and innovative regional leader.

Will anyone lose their job as a result of automation?

We do not expect to eliminate any jobs, but ADP Workforce Now will eliminate the need for current paperwork timekeeping processes, allowing our employees to focus on other key areas of responsibility. This move will help us provide improved services to local taxpayers.

It sounds complicated. How will I know how to use the new system?

This is a very user-friendly system and we want this to be a smooth transition for all staff members. In the months leading up to implementation, we will be training employees via classroom sessions and online tutorials. You will hear more about those opportunities later in the year.