GIS Fee Schedule

Cochise County 
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS Data Fee Schedule

Information Technologies Department

1415 Melody Lane, Bisbee, Arizona 85603

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Standard GIS Data Layers                                       Description

Parcels                                                                     Parcel boundaries*.               

Street Centerlines                                                    Street network with address ranges

Corporate Limits                                                       City boundaries.

Election Precincts                                                     Election precinct boundaries with representation districts information.

PLSS Section Corners                                              PLSS section corners with monument descriptions.

PLSS Sections                                                          PLSS section boundaries.

Tax Codes                                                                Assessor tax area code boundaries

Comprehensive Plan                                                 Planning Dept. Comprehensive Plan Designation boundaries

Growth Areas                                                            Planning Dept. growth area boundaries

Zoning                                                                      Planning Dept. zoning boundaries

County Boundary                                                      County Boundary


GIS Data Layer            Non-Commercial User License     Commercial User License

Parcels                                         US $100                                  US $1,000

Street Centerlines                          US $50                                    US $500

Address Locations                         US $50                                    US $500

Corporate Limits                            US $50                                    US $500

PLSS Section Corners                   US $50                                    US $500

PLSS Sections                              US $50                                   US $500

Tax Codes                                     US $50                                   US $500

Comprehensive Plan                       US $50                                   US $500

Growth Areas                                 US $50                                   US $500

Zoning                                           US $50                                   US $500

County Boundary                           US $50                                   US $500


Shipping/Handling: US $5.00 per CD (prepaid).  No charge for FTP file transfer.

Make all checks payable to: Cochise County Treasurer

All GIS data layers provided in the ESRI geodatabase format.

*All parcel ownership information acquired from the Cochise County Assessor’s Office for an additional fee.