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Residents asked to update library accounts for One County, One Card

Beginning in May, readers in Cochise County can use their existing library cards at any public library location countywide.  And area residents are being encouraged to update their accounts by May 3 to ensure uninterrupted service.

One County, One Card is a joint project of the Cochise County Library District and the seven municipal libraries across the region.  The libraries have been working to implement the project since 2017.

“All of us are committed to offering the best possible level of service, so this is a natural step forward,” said Library District Director Amadee Ricketts.

Since the formation of the Cochise County Library District in 1988, the member libraries operated by the municipalities, and the Library District’s rural branches, have freely shared books and other materials.  The libraries have also agreed to help any county residents who wished to use their services.

The cooperation between facilities gives residents access to more than 200,000 titles and allows them to utilize multiple locations.  Until now, patrons have been required to register for a separate library card at each location they wished to use.  This has been inconvenient for citizens while creating unnecessary paperwork for library staff and volunteers.

The libraries have laid the groundwork for One County, One Card over the last two years by adopting a modern online library catalog, allowing for credit card payments, and removing outdated and inactive records from the system.

The final step is to identify users with multiple accounts and have them select a “home library” location.  When duplicate accounts have been consolidated, the patron database can be set to work across all library locations.

Residents who have a single library card in good standing will not need to take any action in preparation for One County, One Card.

Patrons who have library cards at more than one Cochise County library are asked to check in with their local library by May 3.  After they confirm their contact information and any existing library accounts, they can choose which library card they would like to continue using.  The library they choose will be their “home library,” but they will have full access to all twelve libraries and will not need to apply for a new card.

Residents who have lost items or charges at any library location are asked to settle their accounts by May 3 to ensure uninterrupted service.

When One County, One Card is complete, readers may use a single existing library card at all twelve public library locations in Cochise County.  These include Benson Public Library, Bisbee’s Copper Queen Library, Bowie’s Jimmie Libhart Library, Douglas Public Library, Elfrida Library, Huachuca City Public Library, Portal’s Myrtle Kraft Library, Sierra Vista Public Library, Sunizona’s Alice Woods Library, Sunsites Community Library, Tombstone City Library, and Willcox’s Elsie S. Hogan Community Library.

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