FAQ Information

If you have any questions that aren't answered in our FAQs below, please feel free to call any of our staff below with your question.
Terry Hudson, Director, 520-432-8391, thudson@cochise.az.gov 
Mike Clark, Property Manager, 520-432-8399, mclark@cochise.az.gov

Can I contact departments directly to sell my products/services?

No - contact for solicitation of products/services should be directed to the Procurement Department

Does Cochise County give preference points to local firms?

Yes. Effective January 1, 2012, a local vendor preference policy was adopted by the Cochise County Board of Supervisors. The policy will allow for a 3% credit applicable to purchases on which transaction priviledge taxes (TPT) and property taxes are paid within Cochise County by local businesses who quaily. In order to qualify you will need to complete a Local Vendor Preference Affidavit of Eligibility form and return it with your bid. The policy and Affidavit of Eligibility form can be found HERE.   

What is the preference for minority or women-owned businesses?

Preferences are not given to MWBE firms.

Can I fax my bid to you?

No. The County of Cochise Procurement Department will only accept sealed bids/proposals to maintain confidentiality until they are publicly recorded during bid opening. This is applicable to solicitations of $100,000 or more.

Do you have some type of list that I can get on to do business with the County of Cochise?

If you would like to register to do business with the County of Cochise we have an on-line vendor registration system.  From the Cochise County home page, click on the “departments” link, select “procurement” and click on “Vendor Registration”. Cochise County has a partnership with Public Purchase, a web based e-Procurement service for this process.

If I'm not registered with Public Purchase, am I still able to submit bids to the County?

Yes. However, in order to receive bid notifications and download a bid from the Public Purchase website you need to be registered with Public Purchase.

Who in your office can I call to speak with about the commodity or service I have to offer?

Please visit the Vendors Guide link on the procurement web page or contact a Procurement staff member listed above.

How can I find out which services or commodities are currently available for bidding?

Visit the Procurement Department web page located on the County's website for vendor registration information or the e-procurement web site www.publicpurchase.com

Can I be automatically be notified of BID opportunities or do I need to keep watching the legal ads Section?

Yes - you will receive bid notifications from Public Purchase once you register with Public Purchase and select the commodities or services you wish to sell to the County.

Where do I send my bid?

Bids/proposals shall be received by the Procurement Department at 1415 Melody Lane, Building C, Bisbee, AZ 85603 or mailed to the same address. Bids/proposals must be received by the date and time cited on the IFB/RFP notice page.

How can I get a copy of the tabulation of bids on a particular bid?

A bid tabulation will be posted on the e-procurement website www.publicpurchase.com.

Who, in the County, do I contact to get payment for my invoice?

All invoices should be mailed to the “Ship To” address as shown in the Header of the Purchase Order or as shown under “Special Instructions” in the body of the PO, if so noted.

Are departments allowed to make their own purchases?

The majority of all purchases are either made or approved by the Procurement Department through the use of purchase orders. Departments are permitted to make “Small Purchases” for items costing less than $1000 by the use of their assigned Bank of America County Credit Card or by a claim. In the event that a good or service is requested by a County Representative without an approved purchase order, please contact the Procurement Director.  Purchase Order numbers can be verified by contacting any member of the Procurement Department.

How can I set up an office visit?

Suppliers are encouraged to visit the Procurement Officer responsible for the specific goods and services they provide. Appointments are preferred to ensure that full consideration will be provided. Please visit the link to  “Vendors Guide” which gives a listing of contact information.

What is a Pre-Bid/Pre-Proposal conference?

The pre-bid/pre-proposal conference is a meeting held to discuss the specific Invitation for Bid (IFB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) document. This meeting gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to request clarifications in the documents. Pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences are held for most formal IFBs or RFPs solicited by the County. The pre-bid/pre-proposal conference is usually not mandatory, but suppliers/contractors are strongly urged to attend.

What criteria are used to award bids and proposals?

Bids for goods and non-professional services are awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder(s) meeting specifications. RFP award recommendations are based on other criteria in addition to price. The procurement document will specify the method of award.

What about bond and insurance requirements?

Bonds and insurance may be required for various procurements. The County attempts to only require bonds and insurance in order to meet statutory mandates or when complex purchases warrant them to protect the County's interests. Bond and insurance requirements are specified in the procurement document.

How can I thank an employee of the Procurement Department for their help?

Employees of the Procurement Department are prohibited from accepting gifts, meals, trips, or any other items or services from a supplier. A simple "thank you" or a short letter is acceptable.