Bio: Mark Suagee has been the Public Defender since August of 1997. He has been practicing law since 1980 and this is his second term with the Cochise County Public Defender. Mark spent two years in Oklahoma with Legal Services before going to Montana to act as tribal attorney at Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation. Following the tribal job Mark went into private practice in Havre, Montana where he represented indigent clients as the Blaine County Public Defender and shared a contract as the Hill County Public Defender with two other attorneys. Mark returned to Arizona in 1987 where he worked with the Cochise County Public Defender until 1989 when he went into private practice in Sierra Vista, Arizona. After five years in Sierra Vista, a brief period with the Attorney General for the Tohono O’Odham Nation, and three years in Tucson with the Pima County Legal Defender before returning to Bisbee in August of 1997 to become Cochise County Public Defender. 

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
Arizona Attorneys for Criminal Justice
Arizona Public Defender Association, Officer: Secretary
Enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma
Member of the Arizona Historical Society.

“A defendant may defend himself by being “merely present”; a defense attorney must never be either merely present or act as a cog in a wheel.” - Mark Suagee