Risk Management



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Risk Management serves to protect Cochise County's human and financial resources by identifying potential risk exposures, devising strategies to eliminate or minimize loss, efficiently managing our self-insurance program, and collaborating with County departments to promte a safe and secure workplace.

Risk Management is involved in the following activities:

  • Developing safety and liability prevention programs and training resources
  • Tracking and processing Worker Compensation and liability claims
  • Serving as the County's Coordinator for the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Tracking and investigating County road vehicle accidents with potential liability
  • Tracking and investigating County vehicle/equipment damage incidents
  • Serving as a resource for OSHA inquires and requirements
  • Processing and evaluating insurance certificates and contracts
  • Creating event-specific liability waivers
  • Conducting drug and alcohol testing
  • Serving on the Accident Risk Review Board
  • Recovering property damange repair costs
  • Coordinating fitness for duty evaluations
  • Working closely with our insurance pool (AZ Counties Insurance Pool)