Thursday, Apr 27th 9:30AM to 12:30PM

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Let's work together to help our students understand their natural attributes so that their career decisions are in line with their abilities and aspirations. We Connecting the Dots in Cochise County so that our students and future leaders become "ECONOMICALLY INDEPENDENT" so that our county will achieve "ECONOMIC SUCCESS."

On February 25, 2008 the Arizona State Board of Education approved Education and Career Action Plans for all Arizona students grades 9-1...2. An ECAP (Education and Career Action Plan) reflects a student’s current plan of coursework, career aspirations, and extended learning opportunities in order to develop the student’s individual academic, career goals and postsecondary plans.

Why is an ECAP important?
We as educators believe we should integrate an Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) process into all facets of the school experience. Students, who have opportunities to identify interests, skills, and strengths and then apply that knowledge to create their own ECAP, transition more seamlessly into postsecondary and work place requirements.

The Arizona Department of Education is offering a FREE professional development opportunity for Arizona Educators. We encourage you to bring a school team (consisting of district and site-level administrators, counselors, and teachers) for this important training on the Education and Career Action Plan (ECAP) process. This three hour training is designed to help your district or school take its ECAP process to the next level: from checking a box to comply with state accountability requirements, to creating a college and career ready culture that truly makes a difference for students.

To Register: https://ems.azed.gov/home/SearchResults?SearchString=ECAPs%3A+Moving+From+Compliance+to+Culture+2.0

For More Information: https://ems.azed.gov/home/SearchResults?SearchString=ECAPs%3A+Moving+From+Compliance+to+Culture+2.0

Event Location
County Superintendent's Office (Old Bisbee High School), third floor, 100 Clawson Ave, Bisbee AZ

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