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The Arizona Town Hall hosted two meetings in Cochise County, one in Douglas and one in Sierra Vista on September 23, 2017.  The focus was “Funding Prek-12 Education.”

Together, as a county we will continue to “Connect the Dots,” working together to develop and implement plans/strategies for our community’s success.

Please click on the links to review the outcomes of the meetings.

Sierra Vista Community Town Hall Final Report

Douglas Community Town Hall Final Report

The Arizona Town Hall is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that educates, engages, connects and empowers Arizonans to solve critical policy issues. Founded in 1962, Arizona Town Hall creates constructive forums for resolving contentious and complicated issues.  National and international groups have recognized and studied the Arizona Town Hall's unique process for solving difficult issues. The Town Hall process builds relationships and strengthens communities. The Town Hall is one of Arizona's most longstanding and trusted non-partisan sources for Arizona policy solutions.

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We would like to thank the citizens of Cochise County for the support given by taking our survey.

We are interested in your educational concerns and will use this information at our Cochise County Superintendent's Community Roundtable on November 30, 2017.


Click here to review the results of our County Educational Concerns survey:


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The County Superintendent’s Office and the City of Douglas are collaborating with Expect More Arizona to form an Education Advocacy Council

Our first meeting will be held:


Date: 9th of November

Place: Douglas Visitor Center, 345 16th St, Douglas, Arizona

Time: 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.


Why form a Douglas area education advocacy council? 
• We all agree that education impacts our local economy and all of our students deserve an excellent education, every step of the way. 
• But we know that for us to truly change the tide and improve student success, we will need to work together to advance local strategies to support our students and classrooms. We all have a role to play!
• Douglas can’t do it alone. We need policy solutions to some of our greatest educational challenges. Therefore we need to build our influence to impact decisions made in Phoenix. 
Who’s involved?
• A small group of education supporters in the greater Douglas area has met to discuss how to build a collaborative effort to impact education locally and influence important education decisions in the state. 
• This group includes:
o Danny Ortega
o Melissa Silva
o Jacqui Clay
o Jim Russell
• We’re looking for representatives from education, business, local government and other stakeholders to join this group. 
• Our goal is to form a group of key education, business, and community leaders locally, to help us create a stronger voice regarding decisions that impact education locally and statewide. 
• By leveraging the expertise, support, and advocacy platform of Expect More Arizona, we can have a greater impact on the important education issues facing our community. 
• There’s also a similar council in Yuma County – working with Expect More Arizona to advance shared education priorities.

If you are interested in attending this event, please call 520-432-8950.




Within the scope of the Arizona Revised Statutes and in collaboration with state and local agencies, the Cochise County School Superintendent’s office provides guidance, advocacy, programs, and services which support Cochise County Schools.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Preparing payroll and expense checks for twenty-one districts

  • Coordinating special events like the County Spelling Bee and the Education Exhibit at the County Fair

  • Providing professional development for teachers and other school personnel

  • Overseeing school governing board elections and appointments, bond and override elections

  • Filing Homeschool affidavits and teacher certificates

  • Maintaining a Homeschool library

  • Overseeing the jail education program for juveniles


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The Southern Arizona Regional Education Center is a voluntary structure implemented by the County School Superintendents that provide locally defined and accessible professional learning, educational services, and technical assistance to address statewide and regional initiatives.

The Southern Arizona Regional Education Center is a dedicated group of leaders and professional developers serving schools in Arizona's southernmost counties.  This organization has recognized the need for a robust resource to provide professional development opportunities to educators in southern Arizona schools.  

Cochise, Pima and Santa Cruz counties have joined together with the University of Arizona, Cochise Community College, Pima Community College and local business partners to offer professional development opportunities to educators.  The purpose is to create a network of professional development support to strengthen teacher and leader efficacy in Southern Arizona schools.

Our goals include:

  • Provide professional development in the Arizona academic standards and assessments
  • Assist schools in data analysis to improve student achievement
  • Provide hands-on, engaging STEM professional learning opportunities to PreK-12th grade educators with support from business and industry partners
  • Support schools in addressing school safety and wellness, including the behavioral, social, and developmental needs of their students



Expect More Arizona is a statewide nonpartisan advocacy organization, building public will for a world-class education for all children by:

*Raising awareness and influencing public opinion on key education issues *Educating and mobilizing voters to make education a top priority *Building a high expectations, education first culture with Arizona’s parents and families *Facilitating statewide collaboration and a shared voice on Arizona’s top education issues such as early literacy, college and high standards and assessments, education funding and postsecondary access and completion.

Expect More Arizona and its partners aim to achieve a world-class education system in which every Arizona child, regardless of background, income, or zip code, is able to:

*Access high-quality early learning that prepares him/her for Kindergarten *Read at grade level by the end of 3rd grade Graduate from high school ready for college or career *Attain a college degree and/or certificate or industry credential

Here is a great resource page for students, parents and family, educators, policymakers, media and press, concerned Arizonans, and businesses.