Where is the County School Superintendent's office?

The County School Superintendent s office is located on the third floor of the Old High School Building at 100 Clawson Avenue in Old Bisbee. If approaching on Hwy 80, through the Mule Pass Tunnel, exit at the turnoff for Business District/Old Bisbee and follow the loop to Tombstone Canyon. From Tombstone Canyon turn left to Clawson Avenue directly across from the Iron Man statue and the County Courthouse. Proceed to the top of the hill, and then down the opposite side of the hill to the parking lot in front of the large, 3-story building. 

If approaching from the Lowell Traffic Circle, follow direction signs to Old Bisbee. Turn right at Brewery Gulch, then immediately left on Howell Ave. in front of the Copper Queen Hotel. Continue up the hill, veering left on Shearer Ave. At the top of the hill is the parking lot for the Old High School where the County Offices are located.

Enter through the double doors and take either the stairs or elevator to the third floor. The Superintendent s office is located at the end of the hallway.

What is an Education Service Agent?

As and Education Service Agency, the County School Superintendent's office provides services and support for the schools and their professional educators and administrators. Activities include facilitating workshops and training sessions that offer instruction in financial matters, curriculum development, student data analysis and subject improvement strategies. The office also provides teacher certification registration, student and teacher recognition programs and interpretation of state and federal educational initiatives and requirements.

What is a Fiscal Agent?

By Arizona State Statutes, the office of the Superintendent provides accounting services to school districts such as payroll and expense processing, budget preparation and analysis, check and cash balance reconciliation, tax rate calculation, and financial report preparation.

What are the responsibilities of the County School Superintendent's office?

The County School Superintendent's office assists the county's 22 school districts, education professionals, parents and students by serving as the Education Service Agent, Fiscal Agent, Education Programs Administrator and School Elections Administrator.

How do I address a problem with my child's school/teacher?

Policies and procedures of the school districts are set by the governing school boards of each district. Board members are elected officials and the County School Superintendent does not intercede in the decisions made by the school boards. The recommended course of action to resolve problems would be to first discuss the issue with the child's teacher and/or principal. If further discussion is warranted, an appointment with the District School Superintendent may be requested. You may also consider a request to address the school board members at a regularly scheduled school board meeting.

I would like to home school my child. What do I need to do?

Parents are required to register children that are home schooled with the County School Superintendent's office within 30 days of withdrawal from public or private school, or relocation to Cochise County. An Affidavit of Intent to Home School must be completed, signed and notarized, and returned to our office with a copy of the child s birth certificate. The affidavits and a resource information packet are available at our office. There is also a small home school library available for parents who wish to take home textbooks.

How do I apply for a teaching certificate?

Downloadable forms and  instructions are available on the ADE website https://www.azed.gov/educator-certification/.

How do I register my child for school?

Each District in Cochise County has different guidelines to register your child for school.  Generally, you will need your picture ID, a copy of the child's birth certificate and proof of immunization.  Other items that may be necessary are: proof of residence, report cards, transcripts, withdraws.  Should you need a copy of your child's birth certificate, you may contact Cochise County Office of Vital Records (Cochise County Health Department) at 520.432.9400.