The Animal Control Division is charged with the enforcement of state law and county ordinances regarding domestic animals with their primary focus being on dogs and cats. There are total of four Animal Control Officers serving the whole of Cochise County.

Benson/Wilcox: 1 Animal Control Officer 

Sierra Vista: 2 Animal Control Officers

Bisbee/Douglas/Efrida: 1 Animal Control Officer

To reach the Cochise County Animal Control Division please call (520) 803-3550.


Shelter Information 
Currently Cochise County contracts for the use of two shelters. Stray animals that are apprehended are placed into these contracted shelters. These shelters are not operated by Cochise County or the Sheriff's Office. Shelter Contract information is as follows:

  • Douglas: City Of Douglas Animal Shelter 2017 N. Rogers Avenue (520) 805 0557
  • Willcox: 1525 E. Stewart St., Willcox (520) 384-0163

Other animal shelters within the county (not contracted with Cochise County) are:

  • Bisbee: Tovreaville Road, Bisbee (520) 432-6020
  • Sierra Vista: 1124 North Ave, Sierra Vista (520) 458-4151
  • Tombstone: Telephone for arrangements (520) 457-3144

General Regulations and Information 

Animal Control Ordinances



Animal Control Supervisors:

Lt. Curtis Wilkins
205 N. Judd Dr.
Bisbee, AZ 85603

Sgt. Tod Linendoll
205 N. Judd Dr.
Bisbee, AZ 85603