Adoption: The shelters often have healthy, adoptable pets available. In order to adopt an animal the necessary vaccinations and license must be acquired. Please consult with the Shelter for additional information.

Leash Law: Please be informed that Cochise County has ordinances prohibiting dogs running at large. Dogs are required to be physically on a leash at all times when off the owner’s property. Dogs found at large will be impounded and the owner may cited into court for the violation. Arizona law provides for euthanizing animals after they have been placed in the shelter for three or more days. It is not unusual for animals without tags to be euthanized at the end of the three day period.

Barking Dogs: Cochise County has an ordinance prohibiting barking that disturbs the peace. Violations of the ordinance may result in citations being issued and repeated violations may result in the animal(s) being impounded and the owner being required to attend a hearing in Justice Court.

Animal Bites: State law requires that all animal bites be reported. Depending upon the vaccination status of the animal in question, it may be required by law that the animal be impounded in the shelter for a specified time period to determine if the animal is infected. Animals that are current on vaccinations are often allowed conditional “home quarantine.”

Problems: Problems with stray, loose, feral or vicious dogs are handled by our Animal Control Officers. Our Animal Control Officers do not impound cats under normal circumstances, but will loan out cat traps which can be utilized to humanely trap the cat(s) without injury.